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1st Day of School

Monday, February 1, 2016

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2016 is one of the biggest years for me. Firstly not just saying it because I feel like it. 2015 was a big challenge personally and on business level, so yes I have learned a lot of lessons last year, but do not want it over. Not as if 2016 started great off.

Firstly to set you mind on the level that your big boy will start Gr 1 this year and how fast he has grown up. On 13 January when the schools started he was so excited. He woke up before the alarm could go off and got me out of bed. Getting ready for his first day of big school! Now I am so focused on putting his clothes on and try not too hard to thing about everything that are going through my mind at that stage. While tying his tekkies laces, my husband ask if I am okey? And I am like NO I AM NOT! Bursting out into tears crying my heart out. How the hell did 7 years gone by so fast?!! (My son did Gr R twice). He was a little baby like yesterday! Now we are at school and he can't wait to see his friends and new class room. Running with new over sized school clothes and a new backpack full of smiles. Okey fine I must admit he was more excited than I was. Got to his class room and met his new Gr 1 teacher (I totally love Juffrou Nettie Louw), she set us (me) at ease that everything is okey. Seeing that not just my heart is a bid small when I saw the other proud parents. Here he is sitting at his desk plug his space case out and start to colour in a minion picture. When I saw he is fine I said goodbye and he is like "Bye Mamma!! Sien later!"

So January went of well with home work just getting used to the new routine, then Minka decided okey its now time to start potty training.
We put her panties on and said okey your a big girl now and big girls wee and poo in the potty. First time she did it I must call grandma in Gauteng and her father at work. Things are going smooth after I have stressed myself out over the holidays about it. On day 5 she was doing number 1 and 2 by herself only wearing a night time diaper. On Friday 29 January she decided she does not like diapers any more and refuses to sleep with it. Its a good sign I told myself she has set her mind now and wants to do the potty training full steam. So we gave it a go. First night was a oops!! She woke up during the night and went to her potty, but forgot to pull her pants down!! I know big OOPS!! Second night I woke her up and took her to her potty at midnight and she did her thing. With great success she stayed dry. Well much to say my baby girl is now a big girl!!! Fully potty trained within 9 days time!!!

On Friday we went and bought her school stuff. She is so excited to go to school. Nagging every morning when her brother went off, crying her heart out. Now I am set she must go to school I need some more time for myself, to focus on my business and to get in some more me time. On Saturday my husband is like can't she stay at home a little bit longer? And I am like NO I will lose my self control and my sanity. It will be good for her and for me, I am glad I had the privilege to breastfeed her for two years, to see all her milestones and just for her to be with me for two and a halve years.
This morning we got ready and I went with for her first day at school. My little Minka ain't that little any more!! Only my business name will still hold that!!
Oh and to see that face when we arrived at school she could not get fast enough out of the car. Walking with her to the class. When we said goodbye she is just like "Bye Mamma!!".

Now I officially have two babies in school. I struggle today to just find myself totally out of my orbit. The house is quiet and it is only me and the silence. I miss her a lot, but I know she is having fun with her new friends and teachers!

My Little Minka is now BIG!!! Just a baby yesterday and today a big beautiful adventures little girl!!
I have big dreams for them both, but I know that God set out their paths for them long before they were born. All I can do is protect them and love them.
So for all you mommies just keep the memories close to your hearts and enjoy every moment they grow up!!! It happens so fast!

Minka on her first day of school 1 February 2016