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The joys of moving and new beginnings

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

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Yeah the heading said it all!!!

I think like most people I hate it to move!! The packing in and then mostly the packing out and to get everything in it's place again!
We had to move end of February, because of personal reasons. Here it is a struggle to get a good decent home at a good rental price.
Everything felt like it turned against us, especially for my business. Nothing seems to go smooth. As soon as I feel like okey we are at a good place now, my world is turned upside down. Then a good friend of ours came to tell us that where he is hiring his apartment the main house is going open. So obviously we had to make our calculations to see if it will be affordable to move in town as we stayed out on the farm for next to nothing.

Well so yes we made to big decision to contact the landlord. Only to our shocked surprise that the house will only be available end of April. This meant we had to squad like two months at the in-laws house!!!! Oh yeah you read correctly. So this meant my business must close for at least two months. That is another income gone!!!
After one month I decided no this can't go on I need to start work again. So April begins and the orders stream in. Great we are getting back on track again.

Moving was set for the long weekend of 1st of May. We got two weeks to get our new home ready. What a struggle that was. Do not even want to talk or thing about that chaos!!

Only thing I was excited about is that now I will have my own working space! A little shop in my home for clients to come and view my products.

We are now in our new home for a month now. Everything is not 100% as yet, but we are getting there.

So for all the Vredendal people you can contact me to make an appointment. Our new place is at 18 Central St, Vredendal.
We also got a new number 0871600637. Office hours Mondays to Fridays from 8 am to 5 pm.

Let's see what great new stories will come from this new beginning.